Transcendent Short Films


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Availability ended 10/12/2020 PDT

My Dad Marie

Availability ended 10/13/2020 12:59am PDT
Marie & Charlie navigate their Parent/Child relationship in the early stages of Marie's Transition.

I Am Eva

Availability ended 10/13/2020 PDT
The film follows the story of looking for a gender identification of a person who was born and raised in the USSR and took a long journey through the continents to find who they are.


Availability ended 10/13/2020 PDT
The struggle of a Latina Transexual Woman, the lost of her only love, and the exile of country of birth due to a cartel problem.

Light On A Path, Follow

Availability ended 10/13/2020 PDT
Joaquín, a transgender person living in rural 1990s New England, is 8-months pregnant. After encountering a mysterious spirit in the forest, Joaquín goes into labor early. Is this spirit haunting or guiding Joaquín as they await their midwife?

Letra (Letter)

Availability ended 10/13/2020 PDT
A non-binary person, who is positive to COVID19, navigates through issues surrounding the pandemic so that they are able to attend a concert where the only survivor of their family plays the cello.